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Hidden Batoni I.1

Based on the portrait of Portrait of Izabela Lubomirska, painted in 1780 by Pompeo Batoni in Rome.

Currently housed at National Museum in Kraków

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Hidden Batoni I.1 by Volker Hermes
Based on the portrait of Izabela Lubomirska, painted in 1780 by Pompeo Batoni in Rome.

To gain a classical education, one of the most important travel destinations for aristocrats of the 18th century, was Italy. They came to experience the highly appreciated painting of the Italian Renaissance. The desire to be photographed during one's travels existed even before the invention of photography.

The painter Pomepo Batoni recognized this desire and offered portrait paintings to travelers, who could then pick them up upon their return trip. He is considered the inventor of the tourist portrait. This sitter purchased just such a portrait on her trip through Italy, and also had several copies made to pass on.

She had herself depicted as Polyhymnia, the Greek muse of sacred poetry, music, and dance - note the scroll of sheet music. My modification picks up the vibrancy of the music. To emphasize the connection between head and body, her hair ribbon now extends over the entire architecture of her highly fashionable wig and ends at her generous cleavage.

This display was only allowed at the time because she had herself depicted by the painter as a mythological figure. This portrait so beautifully combines a certain coquetry along with the personal statement that the young lady has been on a classical educational journey.

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Hermes sources his original images from museums, and autction houses. All images are within the public domain.


Hermes digitally alters each image ONLY using elements that already exist in the original painting. He finds it important that his painterly modifications credibly blend with the original artwork. This way, the originals’ aura is preserved as they are turned into a newer and more contemporary version.